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A Surprise at Breakfast

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It is not unusual for me to gather my family for a weekend breakfast. This particular day was a Sunday at Bar Bistro.

I started out with my usual Bloody Meal, which is a Bloody Mary topped with toast, a hard boiled egg, a couple slices of bacon, and some other goodies skewered on a couple of toothpicks so they don’t get into the drink. Elliana and Gemma like to take those things apart to munch on until our breakfasts arrive.

Our breakfasts arrived, and, as is usually the case, Gemma eats some of her scrambled eggs and is done first. Then she likes to play around a bit, which, of course, I accommodate.

She wanted to fly, so I picked her up and flew her around a bit, and then . . .

. . . he walked in with three other people! Her eyes got big! Could it be? It was! Santa Claus came in for breakfast!

She wanted to go see him, but Candace didn’t want to interrupt him. Besides, the group he was with seated themselves just inside the lounge area where she could not go.

Poor Gemma was heartbroken. After all, how many times would she possibly have the chance to visit Santa Claus?

I assured Candace that it would be okay for her to just say hello, and took her into the forbidden area to meet with him. She was still a bit upset from being told no, but she took my hand and went with me.

He was a delightful fellow, and she became shy in his presence! He asked her what she wanted for Christmas, and allowed us to take her picture with him!

What a guy that Santa Claus is!

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