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Candace, Me, and Glass Spider Tour

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Each child is unique. That, certainly, is not breaking news for anybody who has known two or more children.

Candace’s uniqueness showed up in several ways. She was beautiful beyond belief, and I don’t say that just because she is beautiful to me. People would often comment how she reminded them of the Gerber baby or Shirley Temple. Her mother entered her picture in a beautiful baby contest at the local mall, and she won. She was simply stunning!

She also learned to speak at a very young age. Adults were able to have conversations with her at two years old beyond the typical two year old conversations. She could speak in coherent, complete sentences at that age. I remember the time she brought me the phone. The person on the other end told me how darling my child was and asked her age. When I told him she was two, he said he meant the one who answered the phone. I told him she is my only child, and that she is two. His comment was "I cannot believe I just had an intelligent conversation with a two year old!"

David Bowie’s concert film Glass Spider Tour was released when she was three years old. I bought a copy of it, and we watched it that night. It was instantly her favorite video to watch. I would try to offer her other shows more suited to a child her age to watch on daddy and daughter movie night, but she always turned those down in favor of her eclectic favorite.

We watched that video hundreds of times over the next several years until one day it wore out and broke. By then her younger sister had reached the age that she had her favorite video, and that seemed to take over daddy and daughters movie nights.

A couple of years ago, a mother herself by now, Candace posted a YouTube clip from Glass Spider Tour, along with some commentary about how we wore out her favorite video as a child. I went to Amazon, and bought two copies of it on DVD so she and I could each have one.

I told Erin she can have my copy when I die!

Here is that clip of her favorite song from Glass Spider Tour:

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