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That Endearing Moment with Noofie Bugg

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Erin’s athleticism was apparent as a young child. She was walking at nine months, and rode a two-wheeler for the first time when she was three, on the same day her sister, who is three-and-a-half years older, rode a two-wheeler for the first time!

This was a bit surprising because she was a bit sickly as a baby. She spent a couple of days in the hospital when she was about two weeks old with an IV in her scalp because of a urinary tract infection. Her mom would not leave her bedside those days. I also might not have left, but someone had to care for Candace and Laura was adamant about staying with her.

She also had a habit of puking on me after feeding her. It became less frequent when we changed her formula, but it still happened. I remember telling her often that she can puke on me all she wants, but it won’t make me love her any less. Perhaps that played a part in the endearing moment with her, but I tend to think it was more about the times I let the kids sit on my knee while rubbing their backs and keeping their hair out of the way when the were heaving their guts out! Whatever!

Erin really has no memories of her mom and me being together. We seperated when she was two, so, to her, dad has had his house and mom has had her house, and she spent her time one place or the other. This particular day when she was three, the children were at their mom’s house.

My phone rang. It was Bugg! "Hi sweetheart! How are you," I asked?

"I don’t feel good, Dad," was her reply.

I asked her if there was anything I could do for her.

"Can you come get me," she asked? "I want to be sick at your house."

"Of course I can, sweetheart," I told her, and I headed out to get my sick little Noofie Bugg.

It is one thing for a child to want to hang out when there is something fun to do, but it is on a totally different level when a child wants to be with you for comfort and care! She wanted her daddy, and I knew I had done something right for her to feel that way!

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