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Racism is what it is.
An ethnic or pigmentation prejudice, it is.
Can it harm us?
I believe so.
So what can we individually do?
My thought is to reject it.

I cannot control others’ thoughts,
so I try only to influence.

Knots are what it creates.
Is that so unclear?
Little children are the key.
Little children for they will,
I pray,
Not carry racism into the next generation.
God, I pray for that.

Unless they see it though, I
see it never ending.

So, how is that done?
Toss out racist thoughts.
Open up your mind.
People are people, not their races.

If we all work harmoniously in concert, then,
together we will bring its end.

Not tomorrow. We can do this today.
Oh yes, we can do this today.
We only need to add our own
exclamation points.


Racism is killing us. Stop it now!!

Do you see it?

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