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Hey Guys, Put the Toilet Seat Down

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Sending them flowers, calling them just to say you love them, and buying gifts for no reason at all are ways men can tell significant women in their lives that they care. It doesn’t matter the relationship: mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, or dear friend, she will appreciate a gesture like this because it makes her feel special.

Another much more common gesture that men can make to demonstrate to women in their lives that they truly care is to put the toilet seat down.

This isn’t something your mama should have taught you. This is something your daddy should have taught you. If, however, your father is not the kind of guy who would take an extra second to show his son how to be a gentleman, you can show this consideration to women without paternal demonstration. Just do it.

This isn’t something that takes a great deal of energy. If you begin doing it regularly, it will become a habit. It is even something you can tell other men who neglect to do it why it is important to the women in their lives.

It won’t get you out of forgetting a birthday or anniversary, and it won’t replace flowers or diamonds, but it will show the women in your life that their comfort and presence in your life are important to you. It will show your daughters that simple consideration is an important quality in men.

We should, as men, make it an objective to have men who do not show this simple consideration stand out for their flaw, rather than men who do show this simple consideration stand out for their kindness and concern.

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