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Valentine's Day Wishes for My Loves

My first Valentine was undoubtedly Mom since moms are every boy’s first image of love in female form. Our love for our mothers can never match their love for their children. It is, or should be, the purest love of any in our world, ahead of even the love of a father for his child. The bond is so much greater between mothers and children than any other possible bond. It certainly is with my mom.

For Mom, I wish for another year of relative independence free from any new health issues. I wish for you to be happy with news you receive this year from family and friends who are so dear to you. Most of all, I wish for you to be here for many more Valentine’s Days.

Valentine’s Day was created for people we love, but especially for lovers. I am a lucky man to have Linda in my life as my companion and lover.

For Linda, I wish for this to be the year that your calling finds you. I wish for you to get several opportunities to see the people who are most important to you, especially the grandchild you have not seen in a long time and the one nobody has yet seen. Most of all, I wish for you to continue tolerating me and my imperfections with the knowledge that you are the person I hope to live the rest of my days with as my companion and lover.

I have been blessed with two daughters who are the people who taught me about true love.

For Candace, I wish for you another year of happiness with a man who I have come to love and, more importantly, respect. I wish for you progress in your endeavor for a healthy life for the person who taught you about true love. Most of all, I wish for you to pursue your artistic talents in ways that will bring higher recognition from the world about what a beautiful person you are.

For Erin, I wish for you continued progress in your education and realization of your career dreams. I wish for you that the home you are making exceeds your expecations. Most of all, I wish for you the wedding you desire when you marry your best friend later this year, and that the marriage to the beautiful lady you have found brings you a lifetime of happiness as you both make the family you two desire.

It is such a high honor that Linda’s children have accepted me into their family.

For Andrea and Billy, I wish for you to continue your progress in moving up to bigger and better homes for which you both have worked hard and which you deserve. I wish for you the patience that is needed as your children enter and near their teenage years with the knowledge that these years are more difficult for them than they are for you. Most of all, I wish for you to rejoice your twelfth year of marriage with happiness, tenacity, and an undying love for each other.

For Josh and Tina, I wish for you the son you both hope for, or, at least, another healthy and beautiful child to add to the healthy and beautiful children you already have. I wish for you agreement on your desires for life after the military as a distinguished career draws one year closer to an end. Most of all, I wish for you the ability to resolve any conflict that will undoubtedly occur when two strong personalities differ in opinions, and that you both see each other through eyes bearing love for one another despite that the other person is obviously incorrect in his or her opinion.

Grandchildren are the ultimate reward for not killing your children during their teenage years. Linda and I have been blessed with eight so far, with one on the way.

For Allure, I wish for you many opportunities to get to better know the family you always had, but did not know you had until recently. I wish for you success in your schooling because of the hard work you put into your education. Most of all, I wish for you to find happiness knowing that you have two sets of parents who love you, and that you recognize how important it is that you not pit the parents you have known against the parents you have found believing that it is somehow advantageous to look at the short term, and not the long term, ramifications of doing so.

For Trinity, I wish for you to continue pursuing your artistic talents with the knowledge that your biggest regrets in life will not be things you did, but, rather, the things you did not do when you might have. I wish for you continued growth in your empathy for people who are less fortunate, for that is not only impressive, it is also one of the most beautiful things about you. Most of all, I wish for you to recognize that it is quite difficult for your parents to let go of their little girl as you become a woman, and are patient with them as they make that adjustment.

For Zachary, I wish for you to recognize that your education is the most important thing in your life, and to not become distracted by your many interests that you will have plenty of time to pursue along with your education. I wish for you to idolize your father for his love of his family, his extremely strong work ethics, and his desire to always improve the lot in life for his family so you can grow up to be the kind of man he is. Most of all, I wish for you the highest batting average on the team, several legitimate home runs, and some great defensive plays that show the world you are a complete player.

For Jurnee, I wish for you continued growth in your academics and in the physical skills with which you have been gifted. I wish for you to recognize the leadership skills you have, and to use those productively as you grow into the kind of person who can make significant changes in the world. Most of all, I wish for you peace of mind with being the eldest sibling who sets the example for her sisters (and hopefully soon a brother) even though it is not always fair that you do so.

For Justyce, I wish for you to always have the clothes you need to be the fashionista you have always been. I wish for you to embrace your creativity and artistic talents knowing that you will one day likely be utilizing that creativity in whatever career you ultimately choose. Most of all, I wish for you to continue your healthy life choices that are so impressive to me.

For Jhenesis, I wish for you to continue impressing people with your signing skills. I wish for you to love the new baby that will be joining the family, and to be at peace giving up your position as the baby of the family. Most of all, I wish for you that continued happiness that shines so brightly through your beautiful smile and wonderous personality.

For Gemma, I wish for you a lot of time with the man you most admire in the world, your daddy. I wish for you better eating habits so you remain healthy and make it easier for your mommy to fix meals for the family. Most of all, I wish for you continued progress in showing love back to those who show you love so that you learn the love you give is more important than the love you receive.

Have I left anybody out? Oh my, I totally forgot about the little girl who shows her Papa the most love of any child I have ever known!

For my dear, sweet Elliana, I wish for you to continue appreciating all the beautiful things in life, like music and art, and especially the most beautiful thing in life: you. I wish for you to continue enlarging your circle of friends, and do the things you love to do with your friends, like swimming, going to parties, and having sleep overs. Most of all, I wish for you to find the right balance of diet and activity so you can live a long and healthy life, and so you can take care of your Papa when I am older and feebler than I already am.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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