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Though I have thought often about going back to school myself so I could finish up my Associate’s degree, or just take some classes that might interest me, I have not yet done that. However, now that I have switched from being a driver with highly irregular hours to being a dispatcher with a set schedule that begins in the afternoon, I may do it soon.

Just because I do not personally attend school, though, does not mean that I do not go to school. My new hours allow me to do something that is really important to me: take my granddaughter to her school daily!

Candace appreciates the help, though she really doesn’t need it. She has grown up to be a fine lady who has the ability to juggle several tasks just as most women, and especially most moms, are able to do.

It is, perhaps, a little bit for Elliana, but the main reason I take my granddaughter to school each day is really a selfish reason: it gives me time to spend with her on a daily basis, and I have always loved spending time with her.

We spend that time talking about different things, or maybe talking about nothing. Sometimes Gemma is awake, and she will ride with us to take her big sister to school. She likes that!

Elliana and I have had a special bond since the day she was born. As a baby, if I was in the room, she wanted her Papa Tom. As she grew into a toddler, she would rather spend time with me than do anything else in the world. Now that she is older, she is more likely to choose hanging with friends than hanging out with me, which naturally occurs as children grow and become more socially inclined.

That is why taking her to school each day is so important to me, and I believe it is to her also. She told me the thing she loves most about me taking her to school is that I take the time to park the car and walk her onto the school grounds.

We still walk hand-in-hand when we are together. That is something I imagine we will always do. At first it was done to keep her safe and in my control. Now we do it because we want to. Eventually we will do it so she can keep me safe and in her control.

The Christmas break is now officially over. School is in session again beginning today. I would say it is time for me to embark on what is now a daily ritual, but that makes it sound so routine and mundane. I prefer to say the opportunity to spend a little time with a girl I adore, talking about anything or nothing, walking hand-in-hand onto the school grounds, has presented itself again today!

And I will cherish every moment I get to do it!

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