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History and Economics

A Question About Income; A Response About Wealth
Abraham Lincoln: A Life of Contradiction
Changing the Tax Rates to Spur the Economy and Deal With Income Inequality
Defending Keynes 
Flat Tax Plans: Unfair, Complicated, and Unproductive 
Free Market Failure is Reaching Dangerous Level and How It Began
Free Market Flaw: Democracy Cannot Exist
Free Market Flaw: Failures in the Past Are Relevant
Free Market Flaw: Limited Government is Undefined
Free Market Flaw: No Intellectual Property
Free Market Flaw: No Regulations Would Create Need for Regulations 
How Wealth Acts Independently From Income
Important Milestones in African-American Education
Malcolm X: A Lesson for White People
Mary McLeod Bethune: The First Lady of the Struggle
Robert Nozick and Economic Justice
Socialism: The Military as a Microcosm
The Problems With Communism
Understanding Supply-Side Economics
What Would the Founding Fathers Think?

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