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A Question About Income; A Response About Wealth
A Surprise at Breakfast
Abraham Lincoln: A Life of Contradiction
Another Trip Around the Sun
Back to School
Be the Neighbor You Wish You Had
Bernie Concedes the Nomination, Not the Cause
Bernie, Gravity, and the Democratic Party
Best Thank You Letter Ever!
Big Bang Theory: All This From Nothing? How? What Does It Mean?
Blowing Bubbles
Bonding With Gemma
Boz Scaggs at Emerald Queen Casino
Build-A-Bear With the Grandkids
Candace, Me, and Glass Spider Tour 
Changing the Tax Rates to Spur the Economy and Deal With Income Inequality
Christmas in February: Michael Che Comedy Show
Customer Service: A Thing of the Past?
Dana Was Never Late
David Bowie: 1947 to ∞ in 2016
Defending Keynes
Democratic Party Will Implode if Bernie’s Revolution is not Leveraged
Edge of Morality
Elliana’s First Mariners Game
Envisioning Infinity
Farley's Wit Number 1: Attorneys Create Confusion and Personal Injury Representation
Farley's Wit Number 2: Justice System in Anatomical Terms and Bankruptcy Representation
Farley's Wit Number 3: Prosecutors Push Plea Deals and Divorce Representation
Farley's Wit Number 4: Reasonable Doubt for Prosecutors and DUI Representation
Farley's Wit Number 5: Abuse of Deferments and Class Action Representation
Farley's Wit Number 6: Public Defenders and Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Representation
Farley's Wit Number 7: No Contact Orders and Handy Free Pamphlet
Farley's Wit Number 8: Federal Court Nominations and Setting Up a Super-PAC 
Farley's Wit: The Story
Flat Tax Plans: Unfair, Complicated, and Unproductive
Free Market Failure is Reaching Dangerous Level and How It Began
Free Market Flaw: Democracy Cannot Exist
Free Market Flaw: Failures in the Past Are Relevant
Free Market Flaw: Limited Government is Undefined
Free Market Flaw: No Intellectual Property
Free Market Flaw: No Regulations Would Create Need for Regulations
From Hell to Purgatory: A Poem for the Children
Fuel Filter Fun
Getting Tough on Crime: When Will We Learn?
Gun Control: Is Reasonable Discussion Possible?
Hey Guys, Put the Toilet Seat Down
How I Got the Nickname Goldwing Tom 
How Wealth Acts Independently from Income
Hutch’s Super Bowl 50 Party
I Am Agnostic, Not Atheist
I Would Not Rat on Linda for Nothing
Important Milestones in African-American Education
In Memory of Dick Jordan
Inner Struggles
Is Blind Patriotism Patriotic?
Is It Measure Once?
Lineal Thinking Versus Conceptual Thought
Malcolm X: A Lesson for White People
Mary McLeod Bethune: The First Lady of the Struggle
Me, Myself, or I 
Meeting Lawrie Brewster and Sarah Daly
Movie Review: The Unkindness of Ravens

Movie Review: Three Wise Cousins
My Husband-in-Law
My Mom and Algebra
My Mom’s Computer
My Struggles With Faith
Negotiating My Weight
Our Mississippi Trip
Our Perspective on Safety as We Age 
Our Take: Fred Sims: Comparing The Case To The Law: Which One Applies? 
Our Take: Fred Sims: Fed Up and Fighting Back
Our Take: Is Three Times The Charm For Eggleston?
Our Take: It Doesn't Matter What the Child Believes
Our Take: Oh Sure, Clone Williams Now 
Our Take: Pledge Ruled Unconstitutional
Our Take: The Crime of Homosexuality Versus Civil Rights 
Our Take: Will Baker Answer Cubs’ Prayers or Just Blow in the Windy?
Parents Beware: Schools No Longer Teach This Important Skill
Pence’s Disingenuous Protest: Dividing Society by Distraction
Persecution Complex
Playing With Gemma
Political Revolution: Now That Many Have Quit
Political Revolution: Top Democrats Are Defying the People
Poor Conservatives: Compounding Idiocy With Hypocrisy
Proposed New Rules for the Road
Quick Witted Passenger
Quotes from Dr. King and What They Mean to Me
Raising a Gay Child the Right Way
Recipe: Blackened Salmon or Steelhead
Recipe: Ellasagna
Recipe: Sausage Gravy and Biscuits
Remembering Dad: He Always had a List
Remembering Dad: He Loved Trivia, But Not Trivial Pursuit
Remembering Dad: His Newsletter Obituary
Remembering Dad: His System of Cycling Junk
Remembering Dad: The Day May Got Him
Remembering Dad: The Newspaper Beating
Remembering Dad: The Rice Salad Standoff
Remembering Dad: Was it a Prank?
Resolution Through Self Reflection
Robert Nozick and Economic Justice
Run Tony! Run!
Say What You Mean
Selective Recollection: Why We Don’t Remember History Accurately
Schools: Why Don’t They Teach That Anymore?
Socialism: The Military as a Microcosm
Strict Parenting a Bit Differently
Super Bowl 50 Trivia
That Endearing Moment with Noofie Bugg
That Endearing Moment with Tickle Belle
The King Who Was President and Other Presidential Tidbits
The Problems With Communism
The Value of Other People’s Opinions
They’re, There, or Their
Tidal Wave of Love
Time is not Real; It is Relative
Trail of Dreams
Uncle Rudy: The Fix-It Man
Understanding Supply-Side Economics
Valentine’s Day Wishes for My Loves
Welcome to My Nightmare
What Would the Founding Fathers Think?
Why Black Lives Matter is Relevant
You Cannot See a Hole

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