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Farley's Wit - Number 7: No Contact Orders and Handy Free Pamphlet

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Hello. I'm G. Gordon Farley, the first name in Farley Swit.

People can turn to the courts to seek protection from someone who is harassing or threatening them.

Once the person is served a temporary protection order, it is illegal for them to make contact with, or be near, the protected party.

There is then a hearing to consider evidence and testimony to determine whether the protection order should be kept in place or not. If it is determined there is cause that warrants continued protection, the judge issues a permanent protection order.

If the person violates the permanent protection order, they can then be tried for any crime they commit, such as assault or murder, plus contempt of court.

And now a word from a sponsor.

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Hello. I'm G. Gordon Farley, the first name in Farley Swit.

We have written a pamphlet on how to deal with the police if you are stopped for impaired driving.

It includes step by step instructions on what to say and do to protect your rights.

All you need to do is follow the simple instructions*, post your bail, and pay your retainer fee.

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Alcoholism is one of our specialties!

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*Farley Swit is not liable for faulty advice in the pamphlet.

Disclaimer: Farley's Wit is satire, parody, editorial comment, opinion, and any other form of free speech that Goldwing Tom may think of later. Any resemblance between characters in Farley's Wit and any human beings or lawyers, alive or dead, is merely a figment of your imagination. Goldwing Tom is not responsible for truth, justice, or reality. In fact, Goldwing Tom is simply not responsible, and he has references.

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