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Farley's Wit - Number 6: Public Defenders and Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Representation

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Hello. I'm G. Gordon Farley, the first name in Farley Swit.

People who are charged with crimes have the right to an attorney even if they cannot afford one.

These attorneys are called Public Defenders.

They stay tremedously busy considering the crimes their clients are charged with, negotiating with the prosecutor the best deal they can get for their clients, and assisting their clients with plea deals when the cases come to court.

Not all defendants, however, want to take a plea deal because they feel they are innocent.

In those cases, they even take the time to meet their clients, consider the facts of the case, and tell them why the plea deal is better than going to court to defend the case.

And now a word from a sponsor.

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Hello. I'm G. Gordon Farley, the first name in Farley Swit.

Did you, or a loved one, suffer a side effect or die after taking a prescription medication?

We may be able to help you.

We are part of a legal network* that specializes in suing pharmaceutical companies over pretty much anything.

Representing people, injured or not, for many, many years!

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Farley Swit
Members of the American Bar Association

*Farley Swit may refer this case to another lawyer who needs clients and money.

Disclaimer: Farley's Wit is satire, parody, editorial comment, opinion, and any other form of free speech that Goldwing Tom may think of later. Any resemblance between characters in Farley's Wit and any human beings or lawyers, alive or dead, is merely a figment of your imagination. Goldwing Tom is not responsible for truth, justice, or reality. In fact, Goldwing Tom is simply not responsible, and he has references.

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