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Farley's Wit - Number One: Attorneys Create Confusion and Personal Injury Representation 

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Hello. I'm G. Gordon Farley, the first name in Farley Swit.

Over the next several decades, I will guide you through the complexities of the American system of justice.

Civil and criminal courts provide high service to the public for both equity and justice.

The first complexity of equity and justice we will examine are lawyers. Lawyers are the complexity that prevent non-lawyers from realizing the concepts of equity and justice without hiring lawyers.

Lawyers learn these complexing principles by attending school a couple extra years and passing a test.

And, now a word from a sponsor.

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Hello. I'm G. Gordon Farley, the first name in Farley Swit.

Have you been involved in an accident that was not your fault? Does the other person have insurance? Is your case rock solid?

*If you answered yes to all three questions, let Farley Swit help soak the bastards for you.

Farley Swit's lawyers have every ounce of conscience and soul extracted through a careful process of ego inflation and greed enhancement.

Hence our motto:
Originally Human Beings - Currently Lawyers

For a Limited Time Only! THREE Suits for the Price of TWO!
Farley Swit
An Equal Opportunity Employer

*If you answered no to any of the questions, Farley Swit will still assist you if you can afford the retainer and hourly rate - OAC.

Disclaimer: Farley's Wit is satire, parody, editorial comment, opinion, and any other form of free speech that Goldwing Tom may think of later. Any resemblance between characters in Farley's Wit and any human beings or lawyers, alive or dead, is merely a figment of your imagination. Goldwing Tom is not responsible for truth, justice, or reality. In fact, Goldwing Tom is simply not responsible, and he has references.

Farley’s Wit Series:

Farley's Wit: The Story
Number 1: Attorneys Create Confusion and Personal Injury Representation
Number 2: Justice System in Anatomical Terms and Bankruptcy Representation
Number 3: Prosecutors Push Plea Deals and Divorce Representation
Number 4: Reasonable Doubt for Prosecutors and DUI Representation
Number 5: Abuse of Deferments and Class Action Representation
Number 6: Public Defenders and Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Representation
Number 7: No Contact Orders and Handy Free Pamphlet
Number 8: Federal Court Nominations and Setting Up a Super-PAC

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