Meeting Lawrie Brewster and Sarah Daly

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I wrote an article on Hubpages back in 2008 that was unlike any article I had written before. Like this article, that article was about the comments on an article I had written earlier and elsewhere.

That article titled "Debating an Atheist About Disproving God" drew hundreds of comments over several years. It will soon be in my archives, and largely because of the significance that a single comment made a couple years after I wrote it has had upon my life. 

Here is what Lawrie said: "Hi there Tom - im a filmmaker personally and i was delighted with your very intelligent analysis. In a way you have managed to articulate many thoughts I'd been trying to collate on the subject. We share much the same views - anyway thanks for sharing your ideas. They have proven helpful for myself, and i think it also requires courage to post these ideas and views. Especially given the strength of feeling among those who can allow themselves to get very easily offended!" 

I responded with a simple thank you and best wishes for success. If you were to see it in context with the deep discussions that article brought about, you would think it was insignificant. It has, however, turned out to be one of the most significant comments I have ever received from anyone. 

I wanted to know more about this filmmaker. He had just directed his first full-length movie, "White Out." It looked interesting. I found him on Facebook and we became friends. It was not long before I met his partner, Sarah Daly, whose brilliance shines brightly in her stories and music. 

What I love most about Lawrie and Sarah is that they are conceptual thinking people! They walk into infinity, and come out with things you have never seen! They challenge my intellect with their creations. They inspire me to think more deeply, to challenge my beliefs objectively, and to never believe my eyes tell me the whole truth!

I will for the rest of my life be adding to this site with my creative friends in mind! 
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