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Oh Sure, Clone Williams Now
July 9, 2002

Ted Williams is arguably the best left fielder in the history of baseball. He won batting titles, home run titles, and even the triple crown - twice. He was an eighteen time All Star, an All Star MVP, and even the league’s MVP - twice. He launched a home run in his last at bat in 1960, and left the game as perhaps the greatest player to never win the World Series.

At least in the lifetime that ended last Friday.

The Splendid Splinter’s body lies frozen awaiting either a fiery end or permanent deep freeze, depending on the outcome of the likely legal battle between his children.

Bobby-Jo Ferrell, Williams’ daughter from his first marriage, wants her father’s body cremated, claiming it’s what he wanted. John Henry Williams, Ted’s son from a later marriage, wants to keep his dad frozen. He has not talked to the press, but it’s speculated that he wants to sell the slugger’s DNA.

Regardless of the outcome, I’m a bit pissed about this. It has nothing to do with the moral issues, and everything to do with the timing.

You see, I was two years old when Williams retired. Even if dad did have some Sox games on when Williams played, my only memories of seeing him swing the bat are from highlight reels.

I’m now forty-four.

When you figure that John Henry has to win the sibling rivalry, society has to approve of human cloning, someone has to select Ted’s DNA, and Little Teddy has to grow up, we are at least thirty to forty years away from seeing Ted II don a uniform. If I take after my mom’s side, I’ll just about be dead. If I take after my dad’s, I will be dead. That’s what pisses me off!

I’m too damn young to have ever heard the announcer say "Ted Williams is starting in left field for the Red Sox," and likely too damn old to ever hear "Ted Williams is starting in left field for both teams!"

Quick Facts: 

Lifetime Stats(Rank at Retirement): Avg: .344 (5) Slg: .634 (2) OBP: .481 (1) HR: 521 (3) RBI: 1839 (6) BB: 2019 (2)

Williams lost five years of his career to military service.

Williams was the wingman for future astronaut and Senator, John Glenn, during the Korean War.

Williams was the last player to hit over .400 (.406 in 1941). He went 6 for 8 on the last day to raise his average from .3996.

Williams won the triple crown (highest average, most home runs, and most runs batted in) in 1942 and 1947.

Williams was 40 when he won his 6th batting title. He is the oldest person to win one.

Williams managed the Senators their last year in Washington, and the Rangers their first year in Texas.

Williams was elected to the baseball hall of fame in 1966, his first year of eligibility.

Here are the top eight athletes in Boston history, according to the Boston Globe:
1. Ted Williams
2. Bill Russell
3. Bobby Orr
4. Larry Bird
5. Rocky Marciano
6. Eddie Shore
7. Ray Bourque
8. Bob Cousy

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