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I Would Not Rat on Linda for Nothing

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I love having Linda in my life. She is a tremendous friend, and even a better girlfriend. She is honest, loyal, and trustworthy. I want to be with her as long as we both are alive.

Her secrets are safe with me, and I would not rat on her for nothing. However, a few times over the years we have been together there has been more than nothing at stake. In those situations, I rat on her!

It’s not that I do it for personal gain, you see. I do it to avoid personal loss. Let me explain.

One of the ways our government keeps us safe these days is to extract money from our wallets when our vehicles are captured on cameras doing such heinous acts as running red lights, or, in some cases, speeding. We can only speculate on how many lives are saved in those cases in which no one is injured because no accident happened, but the high crimes of going through an intersection too late, or going too fast through a marked camera zone, occurs.

Linda has managed to get captured on these cameras a few times.

The first time it happened, she paid the ticket. However, the second time it happened, the payment was due a few days before payday, and we did not want to drain our accounts or transfer from savings to cover it.

The tickets always come in my name because the car she drives is in my name. One of the options on the ticket was to tell them I was not the driver, which appeared it would give us some time before we needed to pay the ticket. I did that, but it required me to say who was driving the car. I really did not think it was their business, nor did I want to rat on Linda as being the culprit, but I did. What I did not expect was that they dismissed the ticket! It saved us $134!

I looked it up to see why this happened. It seems they would rather dismiss the ticket than to hold a hearing on it only to likely dismiss it at that point since I was not driving my car and, therefore, did not run a red light or speed through one of those camera traps.

She has received another one since that dismissal. I ratted her out that time without hesitancy, and, again, the ticket was dismissed!

So, even though I love Linda, and I would not rat on her for nothing, there, apparently, is a point at which it is simply too profitable to not rat on her, and that point, it seems, is $134!

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