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Tidal Wave of Love

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The water had seeped the night before. The winds were blowing steadily as predicted. The pressure was mounting with each push. The earth began shaking uncontrollably with greater and greater force. Then from within there was emergence, and it was finally over.

All the preparation and anticipation had come to fruition. Our baby had arrived!

She was wrapped up and handed to me. The tidal wave hit me instantly: I had never felt love this powerfully before!

I had loved a lot of people a lot of different ways. I knew I would love my child differently. I did not expect to be so totally swept away by this tidal wave of love.

She was perfect with her chubby cheeks, her button nose, and her curly locks of light brown hair! I had never seen such beauty, let alone held it in my hands! I vowed then and there to always cherish my little treasure!

Whatever else I may fall short of providing, love was never going to be in short supply for my little blue eyed belle! This I swore!

I have no idea how long I just stared smiling at my manifestation of love. Time was irrelevant; it stood still for just a moment. I wanted that moment to never end, and, even though that moment passed, the next moment was just as sweet . . . and then the next . . . and then the next after that.

Those passing moments have now amassed to a total of thirty two years. My baby is a mommy now. She no longer has those chubby cheeks, that button nose, nor the curly locks of light brown hair. Despite the growth and aging, she is still that little baby I held and adored swearing I would always love with all my heart.

I have now held that beauty three more times, but those times I knew about the tidal wave that would hit me. They were each treasures in their own rights, but they were not the same as that moment when I first felt true love, for those times I was feeling that true love again.

I still cherish my first little treasure today just as I have everyday since the day she was born. It was the easiest vow to keep of any I have ever made.

Whatever else I have fallen short of providing, my love for my little blue eyed belle has never been in short supply, nor will it ever be. This I swear.

It will be an easy vow to keep because everytime I look at her, I see that little baby who, the first time I held her, instantly swept me away in that tidal wave of love!

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